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Points to consider

There’s plenty to ponder when you’re deciding whether to go electric with your next vehicle.

Aside from the financial considerations – and we’ll help you fully understand your options when it comes to the economics – there are several other factors you should take into account.

Perhaps you’ve been swayed in the direction of EVs by environmental considerations, or by the cash incentives available. But we’d also recommend you first contemplate some of the everyday practicalities when deciding which direction to take:

  • What will you typically be using the car for?
    Where will you be driving, and how often? Your driving profile will not only help you decide if an EV is the right option for you, but which EV models might give you the range that suits your lifestyle.
  • What will be your best home charging solution?
    Where would any charging point be located, and what’s the best technical solution? We’ve partnered with BP Chargemaster – find out more about their Homecharge units
  • What about public charging services in your local area?
    Would the use of those be practicable and convenient? As a further option, perhaps your employer now provides charging units for employees and visitors
  • Is maintenance a minefield?
    Not so much with an EV, with simpler systems under the bonnet and fewer components. But it’s always good to explore what your maintenance regime might look like.
  • What’s an EV like to drive?
    Perhaps not a strictly practical consideration, but there are marginal differences between EVs and petrol/diesel alternatives when it comes to ‘feel’ and handling. You’ll want to make sure you’re perfectly comfortable with an EV – so go for a test drive.
  • How do you navigate long journeys?
    Some satnav systems will help you plan your trip, but there are also other sources to help you power through: the Polar Network and Zap-Map.
  • Should you go down the traditional dealership route or go online when deciding to go ahead?
    At The Electric Car Store, we’ll be more than happy to help you through this – and every matter you need to consider. Just ask!

Of course all the usual car considerations come into play: safety, boot space, zero-to-60 performance, and much more. Check out that your new car will still tick all your conventional boxes.

Then there’s one of the central propositions of the EV option: you’re reducing your carbon footprint in terms of CO2 emissions – and that means tax savings for you.

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