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Skoda Superb Review

Written by Allan Noble · 28/06/21

Made by Skoda since 2001, a plug in hybrid version of the Superb was released almost two decades later in 2020. In many reviews, Skoda Superb analysis overlooks this innovation. Indeed, the facelift that the Skoda Superb estate and hatchback went through at that time hid some of the exciting electric news from the Superb range. That's a shame because any Skoda Superb review should say just how good this hybrid car is for the price.


Built on the VW MQB platform – the same one that the Volkswagen Passat uses – the third generation of the Skoda Superb was initially made available with a choice of three turbocharged petrol engines and two turbocharged diesel ones. Following the 2019 facelift of the Superb, however, Skoda introduced its first-ever plug in hybrid car. As a practical family car, many car reviews of the Skoda Superb point out what great value for money it affords. However, when you compare it to other hybrids, especially the Skoda Superb estate, then it really is in something of a class of its own. Does the Skoda Superb and the Skoda Superb estate offer a way into electrically powered driving for motorists who want to run a large family car? Read on to find out.

Range, Charging, & Emissions

In the real world, you can expect to be able to drive for between 36 and 37 miles on the plug-in hybrid before turning to petrol to power the engine. With the two combined, you can get an engine range of 578 miles before needing to refuel.

There is a 13 kWh battery in the hybrid version of the Skoda Superb iV. Most of this is distributed in what would have been more boot space in the petrol engine version of the car.

You need a 3.6 kW, type 2, outlet to make the PHEV version of the Skoda Superb practical. Therefore, expect a full charge to take four hours with such as connection. If you have access to a 22 kW outlet, then it takes roughly the same amount of time, however.

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