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Renault Kangoo ZE Electric Van

Written by Allan Noble · 30/08/21

Greener motoring isn't just for car drivers - vans are going to need to join in with the electric revolution sooner rather than later. Step forward the all-electric Z.E. version of the popular Renault Kangoo van. Can the benefits of electric entice business and commercial drivers away from petrol and diesel fuel?


Car manufacturers are launching seemingly endless new electric cars, with the latest tech, the biggest battery and the longest range. You would be forgiven for not noticing such a fanfare around developments in the commercial vehicle world. This is partly because trucks and vans are a little niche and don't feature in the press so much, but also because of the range anxiety attached to vans that spend their lives on the road and depend on a decent range to cut it in the real world.

The new Renault Kangoo ZE won't necessarily fix this problem with its official range of 170 miles, because it simply won't be able to pound the motorways for a whole day without needing a charge. Nor will its 59bhp electric motor be especially quick on high-speed roads. Where the Renault Kangoo Electric van will find its place is in town and city driving conditions, where it can dart silently about while creating zero emissions and will do a day's work within its available range, without needing a recharge.

The Renault Kangoo is already a popular choice in the business and company market with a reputation for practicality and reliability. So with the electric version available as a standard van, a long-wheelbase Maxi van or even a five-seater crew van, the Kangoo Z.E. is going to appeal to a lot of those drivers who are ready and willing to make the switch.

With an estimated 60% volume of Kangoo sales currently made up of Z.E. vans already since it went on sale in 2017, this is a serious market for Renault. Backed up by reasonable residuals and decent finance deals, your search for the perfect electric van could be over.

Range, Charging, & Emissions

The new Renault Kangoo ZE has recently been given a battery upgrade, increasing significantly from 22kWh to 33kWh and increasing its range by a similar proportion. This upgrade has made all the difference to the Kangoo and makes it more usable and far more practical than the previous version.

The official range quoted by Renault is 170 miles, but expect this number to be around 100-120 miles in the real world depending on factors such as ambient temperature, driving conditions and of course how much payload you're carrying.

The Z.E. will accept power from a 7kW charger, which will charge it to 100% in around six hours, via a socket neatly hidden behind the prominent diamond-shaped Renault badge on the grille. A 3.7kW wall box will of course take around twice the time. If you haven't got a wall box available and you need to plug it into a standard three-pin plug socket, it will take around 17 hours to fully charge. Vans have to work for a living and it just won't do to have a limit of only 7 hours off the charger, so it's probably in your interest to get access to a wall box charger.

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