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BMW x3 xdrive30e Review

Written by Allan Noble · 09/06/21

The BMW X3 is a compact luxury crossover SUV that has been around since 2003. Now in its third generation, BMW has launched the x3 xdrive30e version of the car as it ramps up its PHEV offering throughout its current range. How does the xdrive30e plug-in hybrid shape up?


This BMW x3 xdrive30e review will cover everything you need to know to make an informed buying decision about the car. Whether you need to know how many miles of pure electric range you will enjoy before the petrol engine needs to take over or have questions about the benefit in kind (BIK) rate you'll be able to enjoy from the x3 xdrive30e plug-in hybrid, it is all covered in this SUV review. Overall, it is fair to say that the four-cylinder performance of the PHEV means you will enjoy more than enough power but you can also drive with lower emissions thanks to the car's electrical design.

Range, Charging, & Emissions

The BMW x3 xdrive30e has an electric motor that is supposed to offer a range of up to 32 miles. This is a bit of an overstatement by BMW even if the SUV delivers this under test conditions. In the real world, expect up to 22 miles at best and even a bit less in electric mode if you need to go up and down hills. 450 miles is the maximum range to expect when the electric motor is combined with the petrol engine. A 12kWh lithium-ion battery is supplied with every BMW x3 xdrive30e.

A full charge for the X3 using a 7kW charging connection will take just a couple of hours so it is practical to charge up in the evening or even during the day while you are at the office. A 3.7 kW wall box would take a little over three hours to fully charge up.

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