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A new direction of travel

We’ve created The Electric Car Store to be a one-stop resource for everything associated with electric vehicles.

Electric Car Store

Electric Car Store is part of the John Clark Motor Group which is a family run and owned car dealership business that proudly represents well-known automotive brands across Scotland. We introduced the Electric Car Store because as we spoke with customers it became very clear that there was still some uncertainty about EV and Hybrid models and what was involved if you purchased one. Therefore, to help people understand more about this new automotive world we thought we would share some of our knowledge.

The company was started over 40 years ago by our current Chairman, John Clark OBE, with a single hand sports car dealership and now represents 14 different brands at 38 dealerships based in Elgin, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee, Perth, Tayside and Stirling. We currently have over 50 different electric and hybrid models available across the group and our brand specialists are available to help you with all your questions to help you embrace the new environmentally friendly mode of transport.

We understand that - compared to conventional petrol or diesel cars - there's more for prospective new owners to think about:

  • charging options
  • driving ranges
  • finance arrangements
  • cost comparisons and more

So, we've brought every dimension of electric vehicle (EV) ownership into one specialist hub of advice, support and opportunity.

Beyond the information on this site, our team of EV experts is primed to help you through the process; from the moment you decide to take advantage of the benefits of EVs through to selecting the best car for you - then using it to maximum efficiency.

If you do decide to buy an EV or a Hybrid, we've invested in training and resources, so you'll enjoy post-purchase support of the highest quality via a network of technicians possessing brand-specific accreditations.

And as part of the John Clark Motor Group, we have not only the experience and knowledge to deliver - but also a motor industry pedigree that inspires confidence and assurance among customers.

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