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While you work, recharge your car

When you are dealing with the day to day pressures of business, it is comforting to know charging at work will mean your EV will be ready and raring to go at the end of a long day.

Charging at Work

Charging at Work

When you are out and about it is important to know that you can keep on the move by charging at work. The number of public charging points across the UK is currently sat at over 34,000 connectors in approximately 12,300 locations and this is growing exponentially. This is all great news for those of us that are wishing to join the electric vehicle world and at The Electric Car Store we know this will encourage more people to go electric.

While You Work, Charge Up

According to Chargemaster, they expect to see the electric vehicle parc to rise above 1 million during 2022 and as a result companies need to consider installing charge points for both employees and visitors. And essential if you believe having an EV fleet is a sound strategic and investment point of view for your company. So what are your options for charging at work?

If you are an employee and you would like your business to invest in a charging point you may be able to persuade the business owner by informing them about the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS). This grant provides support up to £350 (including VAT) per socket at 75% of the total cost of the installation up to a maximum of 40 sockets per company from 1stApril 2020. The units will need to be positioned off the street and be for employees, visitors or fleet use only. This grant is eligible for business, charities and public sector organisations - making charging at work much more palatable.

In terms of the type of charging point, they must be under ‘fast DC’ with a charging output greater than 3.5kW and not greater than 22kW, plus once the voucher is granted it will remain valid for 180 days, at which point all points must be installed.

An overview of how the grant works is detailed below:

  • Step 1 - applicant completes online application
  • Step 2 - voucher generated
  • Step 3 - installer completes installation
  • Step 4 - installer submits claim via the portal
  • Step 5 - grant level confirmed - up to 75% of the costs, capped at £350
  • Step 6 - installer receives grant

BP Chargemaster, market leaders for charging stations in the UK, are a partner of The Electric Car Store, and are an approved installer by the government to make charging at work much easier. They will help you to install the appropriate charging units and provide additional guidance on how to apply for your WCS grant.

In addition, a business can benefit from Polar Workplace, which allows organisations to manage their own network of charging points enabling them to set their own tariffs, monitor usage and invite employees to join. Polar Workplace will help not only you, but your employees with charging at work, all great reasons to apply for your grant today.

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