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Keeping with their reputation for clever, innovative solutions ŠKODA has found a way to enhance the life of used batteries in their iV vehicles.

In collaboration with IBG Česko ŠKODA has created an innovative system to store up to 328 kW of power. This prolongs the time a battery can be useful and improves sustainability at the same time. Batteries will last for up to 15-years with the capacity dropping by around 2% per year.

SKODA successfully trailed this in Prague to great effect now offering this to contract dealers. Following this, there have been more than 160 pre-orders in Czech Republic, Germany, the Netherlands, and Slovakia.

These systems can hold up to 20 13kWh batteries from the plug-in hybrid models or five 82kWh batteries from the ENYAQ iV. The total capacity of one station sits at 328kWh. It is also capable of fast charging at up to 150kW. ŠKODA’s estimates suggest they could have as many as 4000 of these stations created in coming years.

Once the battery reaches the end of its second life ŠKODA recycles the cells and uses the raw materials to create new batteries. Altogether this is a very clever way to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint and the true cost of creating a battery.