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<p>Image credit Nissan UK</p>

Image credit Nissan UK

On Thursday 1st of July Nissan unveiled plans to build a 1 billion pound gigafactory in Sunderland. This new factory makes for a great investment in the U.K and a sustainable future. It will also be the largest gigafactory in Britain so far.

Nissan has been manufacturing for 35 years in Sunderland producing the Nissan Leaf, Qashqai, and Juke and hailed Brexit as an opportunity for the Japanese car manufacturer. This will secure the Sunderland car plant’s future ahead of the 2030 ban of petrol and diesel car sales. This project was a collaboration between Nissan, Chinese manufacturer Envision AESC, and Sunderland City Council.

Nissan has dubbed this project EV36Zero. Once complete this gigafactory should be able to produce enough batteries for up to 100,000 vehicles per year. It will really solidify Nissan’s position in the electric revolution. Also a particularly solid win for the U.K. seeing how far behind it is lagging by main European competitors such as Germany and France.

The new factory has been very well received with Boris Johnston stating it as a ‘major vote of confidence in the UK’. Nissan’s Chief Operating Officer Ashwani Gupta stated that the move showed “our roadmap to carbon neutrality”.

Along with enhancing the number of EV’s being produced in the U.K. it also brings a lot of jobs with it. This includes 900 jobs for Nissan and a further 760 with Envision. This goes up to 6200 once you account for the impact on suppliers.